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Here's a little about what we're up to.

After 40 years successful experience in Pedestal Company,We've provided all infrastructures to expand our professional services . Parseh Holding has been established for superior achievements of international projects and financial activities. Parseh Holding includes several international companies in the fields of constructions, energy, trading and so on …

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Here's a little about what we're up to.

We provide full range design and engineering services in construction industry. Through a flexible multidiscipline engineering organization and by allocating task force teams, Parseh Holding ensures fulfillment of projects goals and achievement of clients’ satisfaction.In Parseh Holding , we promote a proactive engineering environment to meet the design requirements and to develop quality engineering considering all aspects of the project. To do so, our engineering teams comply with projects’ contractual and governing standards, while utilizing best engineering practices.Parseh Holding engineering departments also provide technical support to procurement organization, in selection of the qualified bidders to purchase materials and equipment. They also provide technical support either at home office or in field to resolve the technical queries arising during fabrication and construction works. In course of engineering activities, through multidisciplinary meetings, safety and constructability aspects of the plants are assured. Utilizing process mapping techniques, we have designed our engineering processes in order to enforce a uniform and agreed upon basis for the engineering methods which are aligned with business strategies, objectives and plans.

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